Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

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Travel Reimbusements, How do They Work?

TL;DR -- We have a lot of money and would love for you all to come! You will almost definitely be reimbursed if you got accepted, show up, and present! That being said, you must present to be reimbursed.

Carpool Grants

Carpool grants will be the main way in which we hand out travel reimbursements. We give these out in the form of mailed visa gift-cards after the event with the appropriate value depending on how far you travelled.

Note that to qualify for these grants, you must drive yourself and at least two passengers (3 people minimal per car) to HackNC. Furthermore, we will only reimburse one person per car, so we suggest having a dedicated person paying for all the gas to make the reimbursement process easier.

Further note that we'll be giving out travel reimbursements for travelling to and from HackNC, hence we only ask for the receipts for the way here. Please submit a copy of the gas-receipts by Wednesday, Oct. 10th 11:59:59 PM to the application form and we'll notify you of the result of the application shortly afterwards.

As for presentation, we realize that you might car-pool with people from different hackathon teams, so we only ask that one of you belongs to a team that submit a project.

And finally, the link to the reimbursement form is here (it is also on the main website).

Carpool Amounts

One-way distanceGrant Amount
0 - 50 miles$0
51 - 100 miles$20
101 - 200 miles$40
201 - 300 miles$60
301 - 400 miles$80
401+ miles$100

Travel Vouchers

We give out travel vouchers in the same format as carpool grants (mailed visa gift cards). And the qualifications are mostly the same (you must present). We will be giving out travel vouchers on a first-come-first-serve basis after satisfying all the carpool grants. You will need to provide your name, contact (mailing) information and copy of receipt for the travel arrangements. Submit your application here!

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