Major League Hacking 2023 Hackathon Season


Past Winners

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2021 project winner

HackNC Entertainment Track, Infosys Best Junior Hacker

Aan Patel, Yufei Dong, and Irene

Originally made to remedy disabled YouTube comments, Commently enables people to comment on any webpage, enabling them to find community and have good times wherever they go, all over the internet.
2021 project winner
Find My Study Spot

HackNC Social Good Track

Dheya Madhani, Vivian Deng, and Meghan Sun

Use this website to find the perfect study spot! This website provides ratings for study spots based on accessibility features, COVID precautions, and more to find a place fit for your concerns.
2020 project winner

Wolfram Award Best Hack for Education - Explorer, Top 20 Hack

Mathew Chanda, Sankalp Boorugu, Ananya Gupta, and Harshal Suthar is a digital open platform that allows users to ask questions and receive answers from professors and past students. gives the necessary information for students to see if a course is an ideal course that fits their needs and requirements.
2020 project winnner

1st Place Overall, Wolfram Award, Best General Hack - Explorer, Top 20 Hack

Ben Stewart and Brian Rui

drizzle uses a variety of instrumental samples and machine learning algorithms to generate calming Lo-Fi hip-hop music. It also provides beautiful images that match your time and weather.
2019 project winner

Best Health Hack

Matthew Finley and David Lu

PostureNet utilizes Machine Learning to improve your posture. It accomplishes this with the help of the Tensorflow and PoseNet frameworks to gather human posture keypoints, which it then runs calculations on to find specific areas of weakness in your posture.
2018 project winner
The Great Lampini

The Wolfram Award

Vincent Yang, Jamie Weathers, and Samy Bencherif

The lamp uses speech recognition to parse commands to turn it on or off, additionally it uses sensors and algorithms to determine statistics related to power consumption.

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Guiding Questions


What are some problems in today's world? What can be improved / more efficient in my daily routine? Where can technology improve people's lives? What target audience or opportunity area do I want to focus on?


What is a simple website or app that doesn't exist but people would find useful? What is a simple game that people would enjoy playing? How can I use what the workshops taught me to make a cool project?

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