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Brevity is a chrome extension that programmatically ranks your emails based on their urgency and importance. Additionally, Brevity provides a short summary of each email, captured by only a few sentences.

Using geographic data, Crittr creates public forums, or "bubbles," buildings across the UNC campus. Much like other social media platforms, posts can be upvoted or downvoted based on their merit, and posts are deleted after 24 hours to keep bubbles relevant. However, there's a twist -- while bubbles can be read from anywhere, they can only be written from within their vicinity. This location requirement keeps bubbles authentic, and brings community members closer to one another.
Learn to Fly

This game utilizes pygame to create an intractable UI where you are a pterodactyl who falls out of a nest. You control the glide speed and angle with the left and right arrow keys, and avoid obstacles as you move downward.

Slifer is a native desktop application, build in python, that utilizes spotify user tokens to access their API, and retrieve information about any song contained within Spotify's data banks. From there, that music can then be searched for on youtube, and easily downloaded, before being given all the identifying information that the original music had as well.
Sort Royale

Challenge your friends to an intense sorting battle! Choose your sorting algorithm and compete against your friend to be the victor in this 1v1 competition! Try single player mode to get the fastest time. Learn more about different sorting methods in this new educational game!

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