Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

Thanks to our Sponsors

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Congrats to the Winners!


1st Place

GoPro HERO Sessions

Winner: PIVOT


2nd Place

Mini Quadcopters

Winner: DefScan


3rd Place

Amazon Echo Dots

Winner: Clear Health


Most Innovative Hack

Smart Notebooks

Winner: Simulating the Spread of Ideas with Epidemiology


Best Game

Logitech Wireless Mice

Winner: Ramses Quest


Healthiest Hack

Xiaomi Mi Band 3s

Winner: EZ_PT


Best Hardware Hack

Arduino Car Starter Kits

Winner: Collision Detector


Most "Millennial" Hack

Emoji Plushies

Winner: Spectangular


Best Ethereum Smart Contract/Decentralized App

$500 in Ether

Winner: CryptoHackers

UNC-CH CS+Social Good

Most Innovative Social Impact Hack

Certificates and Chromecasts

Winner: IntelliScroll


Best use of Algolia

Casio Calculator Watches

Winner: Caronival


Best use of

Hacker gear from

Winner: Caronival


Best use of Google Cloud Platform

Google Home Minis

Winner: Assistant Plays Zork


Best Domain Registered with

Raspberry Pis


Capital One

Best Financial Hack

$250 Amazon Gift Card per team member

Winners: BlockID and CreditSmarter

See all of the amazing submissions on our DevPost


  • What is a hackathon?

    A hackathon is a weekend of fun and learning. You'll become a better programmer, meet awesome people, and make cool stuff. There will also be opportunities to win cool prizes and network with our sponsors.

  • What if I'm in high school?

    As long as you'll be 18 by the start of the event, we would love for you to come to HackNC. Unfortunately (because of the incredible amount of paperwork involved) we won't be able to accept anyone under the age of 18.

  • Can I hack?

    High schoolers over 18, undergraduates, and graduate students are welcome to participate as hackers. Professionals should check out mentorship.

  • How do I get in?

    Anyone can attend HackNC. Our admission criteria doesn't include your level of experience. Go here to register now!

  • Got any hardware?

    You bet! MLH is providing the full hardware lab. In addition, we will have soldering kits and other assorted components, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, sensors, and more stickers than you can wear on four limbs...

  • Can I mentor?

    Professionals are welcome to join as mentors, sponsors, or lecturers. If you want to come as a mentor, contact us!

  • Will I fit in?

    Definitely! HackNC and the UNC Computer Science Department are committed to making computer science a more diverse field. Inclusiveness is a top priority for us, and we've been beginner-friendly from the start.

  • Can I use old code?

    You may use all the publicly available code and APIs that you want, but the code you will be judged on at the end of the hackathon must be new.

  • What about sleep?

    You should do it! Bring your own pillow and sleeping bag or blankets. There will be a sleeping space available Friday and Saturday nights. More info available on our travel page.

  • Travel costs?

    If you want to come, we want to help get you here. We will have a limited number of reimbursements for carpooling.

  • Will there be food?

    Don’t worry - we’ll provide six full meals throughout the hackathon and there will be plenty of snacks in between. You won’t be hungry.

  • How can I volunteer or mentor?

    Please join our mailing list above, we will send out information later this fall.


Details about the travel-reimbursmenents process can be found are here.

Form used for travel reimbursement can be found here.


Free parking is available over the weekend everywhere on campus, but we recommend the following decks:


A carpool consists of 3 or more students intending to participate in HackNC. If you were accepted, your carpool is automatically eligible for reimbursement of the value detailed below, which roughly corresponds to the round trip cost of gas. Limit one per carpool. Qualifications for carpool grants are as follows:

  1. RSVP via the link in your email
  2. Drive yourself and at least 2 passengers to HackNC.
  3. Submit a project at the end of HackNC.
  4. Submit a copy of gas receipts.

Carpool Amounts

One-way distanceGrant Amount
0 - 50 miles$0
51 - 100 miles$20
101 - 200 miles$40
201 - 300 miles$60
301 - 400 miles$80
401+ miles$100

We cannot make exceptions to this policy. Grants will be distributed after the event by mail.

Travel Vouchers

HackNC has a limited number of $50 grants available to supplement the cost of bus/train/plane tickets. These vouchers may be available after all carpool requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note that travel grants are only available to hackers traveling from OUTSIDE the NC Triangle (UNC / NC State / Duke / etc.).